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For travellers

We provide specific services to make your trip to Japan memorable. Let us know if you need any help: info@discoveryaima.com

Celeste has a degree in tourism and lives in Ishigaki for about 4 years. Manabu owned his own sea kayak tour company and has thorough knowledge about Okinawa. We have a network of hotels, designers, locals, friends, shops, tour companies and restaurants.

Travel consultant:

  • General consulting: ¥ 10.000 p/hour

Custom-made plan (reservations incl.):
We provide a custom plan and schedule for your trip in Okinawa.

  • 1/2 day trip: ¥ 10.000
  • 1 day trip: ¥ 15.000
  • Add. 1 day trip: ¥ 10.000
  • Week (7 days): ¥ 50.000

Reservation service:
We provide you a custom idea for lunch, dinner, a place to stay, etc.

  • 1 custom idea + reservation: ¥ 3.000


For our company Pawana LLC. and Sakishima films we work with profit and non profit organisations (JTB, Ritz Carlton Tokyo / Osaka, Haimurubushi resort, Shigira resort, Natsupana, Ishigaki government e.g.).

Business research: Information on request

Film/video /drone support: Information on request

Location hunting/support (English, Dutch, Japanese): ¥ 60.000 p/day (8 hours)

Prices are an estimate/example. When we learn more about your specific request, we can give you a detailed offer. If there are any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.