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The best time to visit the Yaeyama islands is personal and depends on what your plans are. June until August, September are the hottest months with plenty of sunshine and blue skies. This is also high season for Japanese people and other Asian countries, so accommodations are full quickly and pricier. March, April, October and November are also good months to visit the Yaeyama islands with higher chance for sunshine, less humidity and pleasant temperatures.

Travel & typhoons in Japan

Summer time is hot and humid with beautiful fresh blues and greens. It’s also tyfoon season. From May until October there is a higher chance for typhoons to occur. A must is to regularly check the Japan Meteorologic Agency, while visiting Japan. This agency provides you with spot on information and warnings about weather, earthquakes and typhoons in Japan. It’s in English.

Hotels prepare in general very well against the brutal weather. During a typhoon at least one day or night, during the peak intensity you can’t leave your accommodation. Daily life is influenced by it as well. Supermarkets and restaurants can’t be supplied for a longer period of time, depending on the intensity of the typhoon. If a typhoon is heading towards your destination, try to change your flight.

Flights before/during/after typhoon

Flights are cancelled for a period of time. Contact your airline about policies. In general Japanese airlines pay back or change your ticket free of charge.
Seasons & weather in Ishigaki and the Yaeyama islands

The winter months with more cloudy days, can be good for sightseeing and sportive activities. December, January and February can be a little less attractive for a relaxing beach holiday.

Highest temp (° C)21.221.623.525.828.330.432.031.830.728.725.822.7
Average temp (° C)18.619.120.823.325.728.029.529.227.925.923.220.1
Minimum temp (° C)16.516.918.521.223.626.127.627.125.823.721.118.0
Rain (mm)130.6139.4131.5155.1206.6206.6130.4261.6257.7204.5156.5126.3
General weather in Ishigaki & The Yaeyama islands

Because of the tropical rainforest climate, plenty of rain will fall during the year. The humidity is high. That’s also the reason the islands are lush green. The rain season is around May/June. As soon as the rain season ends, summer starts with sunny, hot and humid weather.

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