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The best attraction for Kohama is it’s calm atmosphere, some view points and beaches. therefore we recommended you to rent a bike, scooter or car here. A car is the least necessary though, because of the short distances. Most of the visitors are pampered in one of the two gorgeous resort hotels or stay at a minshuku and make day trips or tours to other places.

Kohama island

Kohama island

Small village in Kohama

Small village in Kohama

In the north central part of the island is the island’s highest point, Mt Ufu, which is about 100 meters tall. From here you have a great view on surrounding islands. The island is famous for Manta Way, a 3 kilometer ocean strait between Iriomote and Kohama island. From April until June and from August until October divers come here to swim with these elegant ocean creatures.

If you’re staying in Kohama during Kitsugansai festival, visit this local event. It’s a once in a lifetime experience!


From Ishigaki it’s about 30 minutes by ferry.

Kohama is a wonderful island to calm your spirit and to get pampered in one of the resort hotels

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