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by celeste

Because Iriomote is a large island we recommend to rent a careven if it’s only for one day. As on all the yaeyama islands, the bus doesn’t run frequently. But if you take a bus on Iriomote island, you don’t necessarily have to wait at a bus stop. You can hop off and hop on where ever you are. If you want to hop on, just raise your hand. Please keep in mind that time and price tables are subject to changes.

There is one bus going from Ohara ferry terminal (south) to Shirahama (north). This bus is running 4 times a day.
Ohara ferry terminal – Shirahama
8.50 – 10.25
9.50 – 11.25
13.50 – 15.25
15.55 – 17.30

Shirahama – Ohara ferry terminal
7.40 – 9.20
10.40 – 12.20
12.40 – 14.20
15.40 – 17.20

One day pass is ¥1.030, which is cheaper than one ticket from Ohara to Shirahama. If you’d like to go all the way north, this day pass is cheaper. A day pass for 3 days is ¥1.540.

Ida in Funauki is a beautiful remote beach and a tiny village, which can only be reached by boat. To go here, take the ferry to Iriomote Uehara. From there, take the bus to Shirahama. Check the ferry schedule.
Travel time Uehara – Shirahama: 30 minutes


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