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Rent a bike in Ishigaki

by celeste

Insider tips to rent a bike in Ishigaki

We wrote earlier about cycling in the Yaeyama islands. In this post we give you tips on where to rent a bike in Ishigaki island and what to keep in mind.

Ishigaki island’s total area is 229 m². This seems small and perfect to discover by bike. BUT…….:

Nature here is stronger than man

Ishigaki island is mountainous as we snapped on the picture. The city is relatively flat, but as soon as you go out to the rural area, mountains arise.

rent a bike Ishigaki Japan okinawa

The west side of Ishigaki by bike

Cycle paths are missing and roads have just enough space for two cars. The tropical green grows and occupies large road areas. Locals can’t always work up to clean it. it’s obvious here, nature is stronger than man.

Fortunately the islanders drive an average 40 km/hour. That makes a difference in safety.

The tropical climate on the Yaeyama islands is challenge for cyclists

The Yaeyama islands have a tropical climate. Which means, hot and humid during summer months. UV rays here are very strong. That’s why recreational cycling isn’t very comfortable in the summer. It’s a big challenge for your physique!

Rent a bike in Ishigaki for a relaxing afternoon

If you really like to bike on Ishigaki island:

  • For a relaxing bike trip, we recommend to rent a bike in Ishigaki city. Potter around and take a break in one of the many lunchrooms while your loved one shops souvenirs.

    *We want to note that a bike isn’t necessary in the city, because it’s a compact area. Also if you stay on one of the other islands and planning a day trip to Ishigaki, the center is only a few minutes walk from the ferry terminal. However to have a good impression of the local atmosphere, certainly go outside the shopping area with your bike. And breath in local life, flowers and fragrances.

  • Do you stay in a hotelroom in the city or in a neighbouring village, than a bike might come in handy as well. But we keep saying, a car or a scooter is convenient to travel around the island. Especially with a family.
  • Or go to Taketomi island, the island to go for recreational cycling. Or Kuro island, a cute flat island, ideal for exploring by bike.
Cycling with kids in Ishigaki

Unfortunately nobody rents out child seats at the moment because of a Japanese insurance issue.

Cycle racing in Ishigaki; sports and cycling in one

Ishigaki island is slightly less attractive for recreational cycling, however for cycle racing this island is great. If you insert beautiful scenery breaks (don’t forget to bring your camera), you have sports and sightseeing in one.

Where to rent a bike in Ishigaki?

For a mountain bike tour in Ishigaki: RENGARAYA

The owner of Rengaraya lived in the USA once, which is why he speaks reasonable English. He offers mountain bike tours in the Northern Akaishi area. The ‘Ecoroad’ as this specific area is called, is a unique spot on the island. Undiscovered by tourists. It is mountain biking through a green oasis, the lovely blue ocean always within sight. There is a fair chance to see cows and horses walking around freely.


The Ecoroad is fun to explore on your own as well. You have to open and close the fences, because of the cows and horses there. Isn’t this fun? Make sure to bring enough drinks and something to eat, as there are no facilities around.

Sun protection is smart.

The paths are rocky, so by speed bike not possible to enter.

To rent a standard bike in Ishigaki: Tumol Net Center

Tumol Net Center (とぅもーるネットセンター石)  is easy to find in the Ishigaki port ferry terminal. Close to the corner exhibition space.



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