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7Days7Cafes: Fresh juice in Ishigaki at Parlor Papaya

by celeste


Fresh juice in Ishigaki

Because yesterday we enjoyed lunch and dinner outside, we didn’t want to go out for lunch or dinner today. So instead of tea time we tried the juice of one of the most local products on the island, sugarcane.

Yaeyama Yashi or Yaeyama palm tree grove in Yonehara

The area in the Northern part of Ishigaki is famous for the Yaeyama palm tree, which is designated as a National Monument. This is actually the same spot to try the fresh sugarcane juice. Take the short path up through the beautiful green palm tree forest and absorb the typical jungle sounds and local greenery around you. A juice is freshly made for you at the end or at the beginning, what you prefer.

Sugarcane juice at Parlor Papaya

Papaya is the actual shop selling the sugarcane juice at the parking space.

fresh juice in ishigaki parlor papaya yonehara palm grove yaeyama yashi

Sugarcane juice ishigaki yonehara palm grove yaeyama yashi


I’d recommend choosing a mixed juice with local pineapple, banana, mango or other fruit or vegetable. This is the 100% pure sugarcane juice though. Refreshing on a hot day, however slightly too sweet for me. They boil the juice to create the brown sugar, which is a typical local product of Ishigaki island.

fresh juice in ishigaki yonehara palm grove yaeyama yashi


Check for more information about Ishigaki here.

Parlor Papaya – Yaeyama palm tree grove 


Open until 18:00 o’clock



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