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Beaches in the Yaeyama archipelago

by celeste

Reading a book, standup paddle, picknick or find your inner peace with yoga. The beaches on the Yaeyama islands all have a different atmosphere on offer. 

Hirakubo beach

Hirakubo beach

The Yaeyama archipelago has the most breathtaking, romantic and dreamy beaches in the world.

you feel like Robinson Crusoe, in paradise. The Japanese beaches are public and the hotels won’t mind that people other than their registered guests are swimming in this area. Most of the hotels have, if it’s needed in that area, jelly fish protection nets. Be aware, for other services like beds or the swimming pool areas the hotels have restrictions or fees. The more adventurous and individual traveller might want to explore the ‘deserted island’ beaches.

The ocean in the Yaeyama islands is stunning, but be aware of hazards. There can be dangerous currents, jelly fish, man-o-war and other harmful creatures out there sometimes. They won’t hurt you if you avoid touching or provoking them unnecessarily. Read here about safely enjoying the Yaeyama beaches.

IshigakiIriomoteTaketomiHaterumaKohamaHatomaYonaguni, Kuroshima


Sunset beach is definitely a beautiful, romantic spot for relaxing and watching the sunset. The sand has a nice yellow colour, the water is very clear and it’s good for swimming.

When you’re heading towards the northern part of Ishigaki, signs in the small village show you where to park for the sunset beach area with facilities. For parking and using the facilities you’ll have to pay a fee (opening times differ). The other areas on sunset beach are free to enter.

  • Safety net during jelly fish season
  • Watersports on offer

Maezato beach is located behind ANA Intercontinental hotel near the airport and Ishigaki city center.

  • Safety nets
  • Watersports on offer
  • Restaurants in hotel
Maezato beach Ishigaki ANA

Maezato beach

Fusaki beach
can be reached through Fusaki beach resort on the west side of Ishigaki. It has a picturesque pier and Fusaki resort restaurants close by.

  • Safety nets
  • Watersports on offer
  • Restaurants in hotel

If you love snorkelling, don’t miss Yonehara beach. Although this beach isn’t an officially authorized beach, there are no lifeguards or jellyfish nets, it’s the most popular beach for snorkelling. In high season it can be busy. What makes this beach so attractive is, of course, the stunning underwater world just a few steps inside the ocean. Be aware of the tides, when it’s low tide it’s impossible to swim. In this time you could relax on the beach or try one of the lunchrestaurants in the area.

  • Snorkelling gear rentals
  • Lunchrestaurants

This is a live cam for Yonehara beach to check the weather and the tide on Ishigaki island.


For the adventurous, romantic minds, nature lovers and poets

Secret beach Ishigaki

Secret beach


For the adventurous, romantic minds, nature lovers and poets, we share with you two of the ‘deserted tropical island’ beaches in Ishigaki. Sometimes these spots are so secluded, that they’re not easy to find. Be prepared to challenge a bush here and there. Be aware of the fact that these beaches are not protected by lifeguards or nets!

Hirakubo beach
The northern part of Ishigaki is a natural wonderland and ready to be discovered….only a little bit 😉 We’re talking about the northeastern part of the peninsula, an unspoiled nature reservation. You can go by car and drive towards the beach entrance, or park the car and walk along the unpaved road. Make sure to bring enough drinks, food and sun protection, because there is nothing around. The unpaved road from south to north or vice versa takes about 1 hour drive and is bordered by a fence that you need to close when going in and out. This is because the cows are grazing freely in this area. You may encounter a few of them freshing up their feet in the fresh ocean water. This area is very good to watch the sunrise.

Ishizaki beach is located near Club Med just outside of Kabira village. The area and views are very pretty to drive around. The beach is a bit difficult to find and only accessible if you’re not suffering from reduced mobility. It has good views and it’s for sure a good place for a picnic.


Hoshizuna beach is famous for its star shaped sand, actually they are skeletons of tiny sea creatures. Good beach for snorkelling and sunbathing.

  • Restaurants
  • Watersports on offer

Tsukigahama beach (moon beach) is in front of Hotel Nirakanai in a stunning natural environment.

  • Safety net
  • Restaurant in the hotel

Iriomote tsukigahama Moon beach

Ida beach
 Not many travellers know this calm and peaceful place. Located in the small village Funauki, with about 50 residents, it’s an isolated heaven with no routes overland to reach it. The lack of accessibility has preserved its natural beauty. From Shirahama port three or four times a day a ferry departs to Funauki village. Participating in an organised tour is also possible which can be easier if you’re making a day trip from Ishigaki. For the individual traveler, this is a place you want to go by yourself. There is a small store in the village, but if your traveling individually we recommend to bring some food/drinks.

Ida Beach Iriomote

Ida Beach Iriomote


Kondoi beach on Taketomi island is a gorgeous beach on a gorgeous small and atmospheric island. Good for swimming, pictures and sunbathing, not for snorkelling. If you want to do some serious swimming in the turquoise water check the tide online before you go. With low tide the ocean water reaches only your ankles.

  • Rental equipment
  • Facilities
  • Restaurants in and around Taketomi village


Nakamoto Beach on Kuroshima is the beach for snorkeling on ‘cattle island’. It can be rough here.

  • rental equipment
  • Toilets/showers
Nakamoto beach Kuroshima

Nakamoto beach Kuroshima


Nishi beach (Nishi no Hama) is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful beaches around the Yaeyama islands with crystal clear water and white sand. A ‘picture perfect’ beach. There are shower/toilet facilities, rental equipment (depending on the season) and vending machines. We recommend to bring some food with you, just in case.


Haimurubushi beach is the most beautiful beach of the island. Beach equipment, rentals and facilities are available. The beach bar offers food and drinks during daytime. In the evening soft celestial music complements the magical atmosphere. This is a good place for stargazing with your loved ones and friends.

  • Safety net
  • Lunchrestaurant
  • Watersports on offer

Toumaaru beach. This large beach is the best beach on the island for watching the sunrise.


Hatoma island is a small, peaceful island. The ocean everywhere within reach and has stunning blue and green colours. All beaches are good for swimming. For snorkelling, taking a tour is best.  ddd


We love Dannu beach which is a beautiful, tranquil beach not far from the airport with corals and clear water. Good for relaxing and enjoying the view. It’s not far from the reef, but don’t go outside the reef because of strong currents.

Dannu beach Yonaguni

Dannu beach

Hikawa beach (Hikawahama) is located on the south of the island and, when it’s higher tide, is good for swimming as it is distant from the reef.
The area around Hikawa beach was the location where the Japanese Drama Series Doctor Koto Shinsatsu-jyo was filmed.

Nama beach (Namahama) is a nice beach where people can enjoy riding the famous Yonaguni pony.

Nanta beach is located in the main town Sonai and easily accessible. The beach is close to a small port, which makes it calm and good for swimming and sunbathing.

Nanta beach Yonaguni

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