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Kuroshima Sorakara – Kuro island From the sky

by celeste

A story on Kuroshima, Kuro island.


Kuroshima is one of our favourite Yaeyama islands. Visit our YouTube channel for more videos.

If you plan to visit Kuro island, forget about your busy life. Let your thoughts blow away by the wind.


Open your mind for new ideas and let fresh ocean air fill your lungs.


It’s not the night life, or the theme parks, the shopping streets nor the tremendous amounts of restaurants.



It’s the endless ocean, the breathtaking corals, waiting for you. To free your mind…



A dreamscape



It’s in the views. The fresh grass waving in the wind. The green, green grass of a far away home…


It’s in the cattle,

Happily grazing.

Their curious, calm eyes welcoming you to the island.

‘Their’ island.


Welcome to Kuroshima – tropical ‘cattle island’


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